Under the sponsorship of the PNG Forest Industry Association, Galley Reach Holdings, Port Moresby Rotary Club, Bulolo Rotary Club, the Office of Environment & Conservation and the National Capital Botanical Gardens a major revegetation project is being undertaken involving Port Moresby schools based on the Rotary model of "trees for survival".

National School Tree Nursery at the NCBG

The benefit of the project "trees for survival" is to:

  • allow school children and school communities the benefit of studying environmental concerns and, particularly, the vital role that trees play in the PNG eco-system
  • allow school communities and school children to study, understand and regognize the role of agro forestry and the tree component of integrated farming systems in enhancing food security

The project will involve the development of a plant nursery at each participating school with the provision of seedlign tubes, seeds, and information both written and pictorial on how to raise seedligns and plant them out. Nurserymen to visit schools will be sourced from the various organizationos named above.

Plants raised will include trees for all purposes, from food production to timber production.

The project will undertake:

  • in-service teacher training at the National Capital Botanical Gardens
  • production of instruction manuals for both primary and secondary schools
  • providing seed and up-to-date information through newsletters and this web site
  • provision of seedling bags and instructors

For the individual community the project will be actively developing the theme "make our community a better place to live and work in" by:

  • creating an awareness campaign through the respective community of the need for each member to actively administer their own premises in terms of cleanliness, landscaping, and draingage on their properties
  • undertake for example a community garden competition
  • using children power to put pressure on all cummunity members to revegetate the community and stop the use of graffiti to spoil the local environment

Some of the benefits of the project will include:

  • the landscaping of the community
  • the development of civic pride
  • protect the PNG eco-system

The National School Tree Nursery Project is based on the Australian Rotary project "trees for survival". Throughout Australia, over more than 12 years some 320 individual school nurseries were established.

View and download the PNG National School Tree Seedling Manual 2005 in PDF format.

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