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  • Are you interested in venturing into a forest industry activity?
  • Are you capable of providing consultancy services forest industry?
  • Are you intending to apply for necessary Timber Permits Timber Authorities?
  • If so, you must register with the PNG Forest Authority.

The PNG Forest Authority was established by an Act of Parliament in 1991 to ensure that one of Nature’s Best Resources is sustainably managed.

“The Authority is obliged to ensure that every active participant involved hi the forest industry is registered as a forest industry participant or as a consultant”

This brochure has been designed to help you answer some vital questions prior to you making a commitment. Thus, your future involvement in the industry has to begin with the formality of registration as an industry participant. The very first step to “grinding with an axe”.
Any person(s) engaged in forest industry activities as defined in the Act and Regulations who are not registered may be prosecuted.

Why it important to register as a forest industry participant or a consultant?

The registration aspect of the Forestry Act is vital to get you started in any prescribed activity in the forest industry. It will qua1i you to obtain the necessary permits and approvals for getting your business activity underway.

Any enterprise whether it be foreign or locally owned or an individual that is involved in any kind of forestry industry activity as defined in the Act and Regulations is subject to registration by the PNG Forest Authority.

How does registration assist in managing the forest resources?

A register of companies and individual keeps the Authority informed of how many companies are activel involved in the industry and how many consulting firms and individuals there are in the forest industry.
It also assists in ensuring that companies are meeting the required standards. Any legal entity which is in breach of the Act or Regulations may have their registration cancelled by the National Forest Board.

Do I need to register as a consultant?

Yes, if you have a special expertise relating to the forest industry and wish to provide such consultancy services then you need to register.

Your application will not succeed if you are not able to demonstrate that you have special expertise, qualification or experience in a specialised field relating to the forestry sector.

What are the procedures for getting a company registered as a forest industry participant or consultant?

Firstly, when you intend to apply for registration as an individual you must incorporate a legal entity such as a company, business group or incorporated association.

Secondly, you must complete a prescribed registration form to be a registered forest industry participant or a consultant. In either application, there are a variety of activities you may wish to apply for to undertake depending on your objectives and specialisation.

Thirdly, this application must be submitted to the Managing Director for evaluation and processing for recommendation to the National Forest Board for approval. Upon granting an approval, a certificate is issued certifying that you are a registered forest industry participant or consultant.

If your application does not contain sufficient information it will be rejected and more information will have to be provided by you. In which case, you will be advised accordingly, When the application is in order it is then submitted to the Board for approval.

There is a provision in the Forestry Act which enables you to appeal against the decision of the Board.

How long does the registration formalities take?

The application process normally takes two months coinciding with the National Forest Board meetings.

Applications which are or have foreign participation may take longer to process.

Applications which are not returned together with the Hundred Kina (K100.00).

Searches for companies and other entities are made easier if companies and other entities are incorporated in Papua New Guinea. Information pertaining to directors and shareholders of companies must be consistent with the latest records available in the PNG Companies Office within PNG or its equivalent overseas.

There are situations where firms and individuals have registered and are no longer involved in forest industry activities. Such cases may be referred to the Board for deregistration.

What happens when a registered company or individual changes address?
Individuals and companies upon registration are obliged to inform the PNG Forest Authority of their change of address. This is necessary so that circulars and important instructions are delivered to the correct address.

What about change of company names, shareholders and directors?
The PNG Forest Authority must be informed of the above changes so that appropriate changes can be made accordingly. Please note that some changes may result in deregistration.

What happens if your FIP or FIC certficate has been lost?
A copy of the certificate will be mailed to your postal address provided you have formally advised the Managing Director of the lost certificate.

What happens if the legal entity has been deregistered by the Companies Office?
A show cause notice will be sent to you and to the Registrar of Companies giving fourteen days notice to respond as to why registration should not be cancelled.

The matter may be referred to the National Forest Board for a decision whether registration status should be cancelled.

The PNG Forest Authority is represented nationwide through its provincial network of offices. Our staff will help you get yourself or the legal entity you represent registered.

If you are legal entity whether it be a landowner company, or you, as an individual carrying on a activity as defined by the legislation, you must get registered or you may find your self in breach of the forestry laws.

There may be other complex issues which you might like to see us about and should you wish to contact us our contact address is as follows:

As a reminder, please ensure that your application is complete and the application fee of One Hundred Kina (K100.OO) by way of a bank cheque is attached.

The Managing Director
PNG Forest Authority
P0 Box 5055,
Boroko, NCD
Telephone: (675) 325 7795
Facsimile: (675) 3254433

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